Watch Me Get Wicked

One more for today…because AFI has one more new release but this one is in store, and it’s super cool and I had to play because I have bloody things all over my inventory that I had to mash together.  PLUS, I’m in a mood, and the blood was really fitting, to be quite honest, lol.  My inner serial killer is shining bright like a diamond today…bah.

ALSO featuring a whole lotta CerberusXing, because I just…love…all of his things.  The horns and the claws and the shackles, and the tongue that is a group gift…so many things.  I feel creepy and I love it.



Body: Maitreya Mesh Body + Hands + Feet – Lara

Skin: [Pink Fuel] <Crystal> – Doll V2

Eyes: HUD_Genesis_Lab_DEMON_EYES_GIFT (might not be available)

Eye Makeup: Kibitz – Shina eyeshadow

Ears: [MANDALA] Steking EARS


Hair: Alice Project – Namie – Bloody Naturals (NEW @ Freak Show)

Horns: [CX] Hundred Chain Horn

Face Chains: …::: Scrub :::…Alice’s Chains Silver

Piercing: ::TI:: Bloody Septum

Tongue: [CX] Bloody Tongue (Group Gift) Thank you

ALL the Blood: AFI Designs Slashed outfit (NEW!!) Thank you

Claws: [CX] Heretic Talons (Corroded) (NEW for TAG! Gatcha)

Cuffs: [CX] Heretic’s Restraints (Untainted) (NEW for TAG! Gatcha)

Footie Claws: [Gauze] Succubus Claws

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