I Love You, You Idiot!

It’s a good day!  HA!  Omigosh, stupid things make me so happy, I can’t even tell you!

First of all I’ma start with this jacket and hat that is SUPER cute, both from P@perdoll’s and both at the upcoming Black Dot Project that’s starting on the 11th.  She has the black version and a white version and both are adorable and you must go get them!!

And THEN there’s my pillow, that I’m never putting down.  It started as a joke, because Supernatural season 11 started yesterday and I’m madly in love with Sam Winchester, its no secret, and I made sure everyone knew how not excited I was about this event ALL…DAY…LONG.  SO someone told me I needed to go to TMD and get the body pillow and make me a Sam pillow because they actually really did give you that option to put your own picture on it and make whatever pillow you want.  They encourage it on the ad, and with a blank texture in the box!  SUCH EXCITE!  So that’s what I did.  I have 3 Jared Padalecki pillows now.  There will be more.  And probably some Jensen Ackles.  And a Misha.  Definitely will need a Cuddle Crowley.  And at some point or another I’ll make some pillows of other people from other shows, possibly.  It’s the best thing ever created of all times! JARED PADALECKI PILLOW!! ❤  *sighs happily and squishes it*



Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Skin: [Pink Fuel] <Crystal> – Doll V2

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Bio // Blind Eye

Eye Makeup: Kibitz – Shina eyeshadow

Mouth: [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam

Lipstick: NOX. Decay Lip [Mouth Appliers] (NEW @ TDRF)

Ears: [MANDALA] Steking EARS

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture + Casual

Nail Polish: ~*By Snow*~ Slink Nails Appliers – Fashionable Black


Hat: ..::PD::.. Kawaii Jacket (SOON @ Black Dot Project, Oct 11th) Thank you

Hair: little bones. Eros Taken

Necklace: Le Morte – Salem – Heartagram (GATCHA)

Jacket: ..::PD::.. Kawaii Jacket (SOON @ Black Dot Project, Oct 11th) Thank you

Shorts: Blueberry – Cossy – Denim Ripped Shorts

Rings: .random.Matter. – Norbu Rings

Tape: -SU!- Bloody Knees 01

Socks: Izzie’s – Unisex Socks

Boots: REIGN.– Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots (OLD GROUP GIFT…might not be available)

Pillow: Bee.Bu – Human Boyfriend Body Pillow [modifed to be my husband, Jared Padalecki] (NEW @ TMD)


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