Send a Message to my Heart

Just a quick post, and an easy one, because all landmarks lead to the same place!  A brand new shiny round of FaMeshed just opened yesterday and ALL THE THINGS are absolutely beautiful.  I’m pretty sure I bought at least one of everything.  But I started with this!  And none of it is black!  And I really love it ❤

sendamessagetomyheartHair: little bones. Airwaves (NEW @ FaMeshed)

Necklace: REIGN.- Gem Necklace (NEW @ FaMeshed)

Dress: Coquet. Debbie (NEW @ FaMeshed)

Bangles: C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (N/A)

Cuff: C h a r y . – Nevermore Cuff 5 (N/A)

Sandals: Pure Poison – Fringe Flat Sandals (NEW @ FaMeshed)


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