Let ’em Talk

EEE!  I’m so excited about this post, for 1 reason.  NEW SHOES!  And they were limited!  And I got them!  I’ve never been able to get to get to limited shoes before the ones I wanted were gone, so I’m SUPER excited about them and they’re so cute!  Flite released them last night…I don’t know how fast they went, there were 40 people parked on them when I was there, and I got mine and ran so more people could get in and get some.  Hopefully there’s some left, but there were other colors, so you may still be able to find some.  They’re adorable.

AND, silly me found out that Kibitz actually has a landmark today, so I have a landmark for you, AND so does Foxes!  So I can send you to stores!!  It’s a happy day!

letemtalkHair: Lamb. Destroyer (NEW @ N21)

Choker: Kibitz – Stretch choker – black COMMON

Necklace: LUXE. Ekstrax Necklace (NEW @ Uber)

Top: [NV] Snug top -Black-

Shirt: Foxes – Boyfriend Shirt – Leather – Check Black

Shorts: Creep – Alive – Black

Tape: -SU!- Bloody Knees 01 (NEW w/ Appliers)

Socks: C h a r y . Tube Socks (White)

Shoes: Flite . Madness Limited – Black (NEW)

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