Come Over and Watch Netflix


I’ve been wandering today…really the last couple days.  Because that’s what I do.  I wander, and spend all my money, haha.  But its fun!  And there’s so many events that have just opened up.  A new round of Arcade that is still packed and hard to get into, but I made it, kinda, to the off sim area!  And Whore Couture is just…rawr ❤  And this tat makes me happy.  All his tats make me happy, really…and I say this as someone that hasn’t gotten excited about tats and haven’t worn them on my pixels in years!  Fantastic!  K, I’m stopping…here’s the post!


Hair: Exile::Give and Take: 6. Grayscale (NEW @ Arcade)

Choker: Kibitz – Stretch choker – black COMMON (@ Creepy Kawaii, no longer available)

Necklace: (Yummy) Guardian Charms – Silver

Jacket: *LpD* – *Luna* Jacket

Top: [Cynful] Tittie Top

Panties: *MUKA* Wicca Thong (NEW @ Whore Couture)

Tattoo: .Inhale. Hipster Leg Tattoo (NEW!!) Thank you

Shoes: REIGN.- ZIPPIT HEELS- BLACK (NEW @ Whore Couture)





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