These horns tho….

Unf….I love them so much!  .storybook. is releasing them TOMORROW for Lazy Sunday!  They’re so tiny and cute and you can do a billion things with them!  And there’s 2 versions of them!  This is the Basic Version…the horn colors you can swap between black, white, and gold, but then you can change the beads and the strings and make them all adorable.  AND there’s a Party Version, with pink, blue, and purple horn options.  EEE!  K, I’m done with the squee for a minute, but really go get some, tomorrow, as soon as the sale starts, because they’re friggin’ adorable. ❤


Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Myst hair

Horns: .storybook. – Lo Horns (NEW!! for Lazy Sunday, March 1st!!) Thank you

Collar: *May’s Soul* Biker chest (NEW @ Fantasy Collective)

Tat: .Inhale. The Celtic Tattoo

Tape: Mad’ – Free Pasties [Appliers]



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