So, I sorta stole another outfit, because my sl sister is hot and smart and stuff.  And I really liked what she was wearing 😀  I also borrowed a lot from another post from forever ago, but its cool, since I mostly blog to keep track of my own inventory anyway.

And I apologize for the hair..but not really.  I know its been in my last 4 posts but I really love it and am having a hard time taking it off!

Though I apologize for the shoes…I searched and searched and they seem to not be available anywhere anymore.  The store is gone and I can’t find them on marketplace either.  I hope she pops back up again, because her shoes are kindof amazing and I really love these.


Hair: little bones. Haute (NEW @ Secret Affair)

Necklace: Schadenfreude Air Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces

Chain: Noodles – Luna Chain Top Silver

Vest: ISON – razzle vest (black)

Bangles: C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (N/A)

Pants: ::1bp:: Skinny Leathers Black

Shoes: *PROMAGIC* Drug for SLink High Feet



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