Today is a good day!  Better than good, honestly…after a really long week that started last Thursday, today is just frikkin’ fantastic and I’m so excited!  AND I still have pink hair, and a new clothes, and I love it.

I honestly do not know if the event that I got this top at is open yet.  It wasn’t when I got it, lol, but it should be soon!  I saw someone else blog it this morning, and I wanted it, because its rawr and I didn’t want to wait, so I cammed in from the outside and bought it hehe… sneaky sneaky.

Also, just a couple notes, Chary is closing soon, so if you want anything, go get it right now….I thought it was going to be done last Friday but she’s still there and everything is marked down to $50L, so if you want it go get it FAST!!  RIGHT NOW FAST!  And Pekka has rebranded to Kibitz, so if I forget and call it Pekka, and you can’t find it…Kibitz!  But I’ll try to remember.


Hair: little bones. Haute (NEW @ Secret Affair)

Necklace: .Pekka. Pyr cross necklace ver 2 (rebranded to Kibitz)

Top: Biscuit – Ingrid Dress (NEW @ Urban Legends Fair)

Tattoo: { DATUM } Mandi RARE (@ Room69)

Panties: -SU!- Comfort Panties

Cuff: *MUKA* Cuff Love

Bracelet: [MANDALA] OKAKI Bracelet set

Socks: C h a r y . – Gradient Socks (black/pink) (store closing soon, get them asap!!)

Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic Black


P.S.  I ❤ Theo James.  And he does errthang.  So he’s going to sing to us. YAY!


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