Break the Fall

EEE!  ALL THE THINGS!  I’m falling behind on so many things, and I’ve gotta play catch up!  Pretty much my whole top half, at least from the neck up, is Pekka.  She’s been so busy this last week, haha.  I’ve been handed at least 6 new things from her just in the last week and its all just, beautiful.  AND NV tossed me this cute new dress, that could be a shirt, but I chose tiny slutty dress, because I was in that mood, and its adorable…the back is amazing and I should have shared but I didn’t.  GO LOOK AT IT!  It’s fantastic!  So many fairs opened this week…Frost is open, Jewelery Expo is open, jeez….I have shopping to do this week, so there will be more posts up.  YAY!

P.S.  I’m never taking this hair off.  You may see it a lot this week.  Just be prepared. 😀


Hair: .: Fiore x Little Bones :. ANAIA Hair

Circlet: .Pekka. Celest Circlet (NEW @ Jewelery Expo)

Makeup: .Pekka. Rocking Eyeshadows

Lipstick: .Pekka. Dust lipstick (w/ both Loud Mouth & Nyam appliers) (NEW @ Frost 2014)

Collar: .Pekka. Snowflake Collar (NEW @ Frost 2014)

Arm Strings: *~illusions~*Cord Wraps: (N/A)

Bangles: C h a r y . – Gaia Bangles (N/A)

Ring: .Pekka. Snowflake Ring (NEW @ Frost 2014)

Dress: [NV] Luna Dress (NEW!!)

Panties: -SU!- Comfort Panties

Stockings: Gawk! Black Nylon Tights

Leg Warmers: -SU!- Ombre LegWarmers w/ HUD (NEW!! December GROUP GIFT!!) for SLink Mid Feet




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