Indigo Children

So I’ve been doing a blogger challenge this month, lol…the theme is Rainbow.  I FOUND INDIGO!  It’s everywhere, I know.  The challenge for me really is using colors other than black and white and various shades of those.  But I really like what I came up with for Indigo.  Some new things, some old and already blogged things, and some things unfortunately unavailable anymore because they were gatcha items, but I still love them, and the shops that made them have so many other beautiful things you can go and find. 🙂


Hair: little bones. Moon Child – ALL – ULTRA RARE (N/A)

Circlet: :[Plastik]:-Areiya Circlet:// Fallen (gatcha @ Secret Affair)

Chain: Noodles – Carys Chain

Collar: [The Forge] Chain Collar (N/A)

Necklace1: :[Plastik]:-Diviner Jewelry and Horns

Necklace2: *May’s Soul* chain necklace black editon

Corset: Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Bustier (@ Secret Affair)

Gloves: -UtopiaH- My Pointy Long Gloves

Strings: ~*illusions*~ Cord Wraps

Bangles: Chary. – Gaia Bangles (Black)

Skirt: .:cheeky:. Marie – high long Skirt! (NEW @ Suicide Dollz)

Strings2: [Keystone] Bound Feet V1.1

Strings3: * Stelloane Parice lace for SLink feet Mid & High



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