Pretty When You Cry

The boy got to go shopping!  There’s a new round of Thrift Shop that opened not too long ago, and The Men’s Department is still going….there’s still tons more that I want to get from there, plus Arcade is still going as well 🙂  Lots of good boy stuff all over!


Hair: *Dura – Boys&Girls* 20 (all kinds of modified to fit the hood)

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent

Beard: [CheerNo] FacialHair II Set B

Necklace: -.HoD.- The Crosary

Piercing: -.HoD.- Twisted Piercing (N/A)

Top: BlankLine Sleeveless Hoodie (NEW @ TMD)

Tape: SiniStyle Taped Fist

Cuffs: *BLITZED* Brutal Cuffs, Legacy Cuffs

Gloves: [R3volt] – Black Studded Gloves

Pants: .twenty13. Saroum Pants – Revolt (NEW @ Thrift Shop)

Shoes: FLite.- Outsiders (NEW @ Arcade)



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