How To Believe

Baby Para!  OMG she’s so cute!  And different!  And absolutely necessary for this post, haha.  Storybook is releasing an exclusive playset for the kidlets on September 1st, in an event called Toddletales.  I don’t have a link to get there yet, because I don’t think they want people in and out while they’re setting up.  But if you have a baby, who needs adorable things….they NEED it.  Everyone needs a refrigerator box castle!  EVERYONE!

As soon as I have a link to get there, you will have it too.  Promise 😀  Just remember, that the event is exclusive items…once its done, they’re all gone!


Tiara: .storybook. Kamalot Playset (SOON @ Toddletales)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Maiko (N/A…from arcade a couple rounds ago)

Body: *Cute Bytes*  ~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Charmy (A)

Shape: Pumpkin Patch Shapes – Brook! – Baby Girl

Dress & Shoes: {C*K} Hanna

Pwnie: ~silentsparrow~ Zanthus (in store gatcha)

Props: .storybook. Kamalot Playset (SOON @ Toddletales.  Scepter, Shield, and Wooden Sword are all wearable)


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