Olive You Fundraiser Event

Recently we found out that a friend received a life altering notice.  Rose, or naminaeko, who owns Olive, found out that her house could go into foreclosure.  They are going to court to fight the notice, but the costs are not something that they can easily afford.

That is where Olive You comes into play!  Her friends on SL and Plurk want to try to help pay for these costs.

The event starts today, August 16th, and runs until the end of the month.  ALL content will be NEW, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the cause.

My good friend Vix is participating 🙂  She’s releasing 2 packs of mid-thigh length, peep-toe socks, and they’re frikkin’ adorable!



Top: .storybook. Peeptoe Stockings – Sweets&Treats

Bottom: .storybook. Peeptoe Stockings – Neutrality

Both come with SLink Feet appliers, and both are @ The Olive You Fundraiser Event.  Go get them!  And support a great cause at the same time. ❤



  1. hi! I’m new to checking out your blog and I feel so bummed that I missed these stockings. Is there any ways possible to still get them at all?

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