Another quickie post 🙂   Squish Designs is participating in a hunt starting on August 1st (this coming Friday!!)  She has a super cute set of Slink nails for the girls and a hoodie for the boys that is pretty amazing, so go hunting!  On Friday!  Do it!

(BTW, I am so sorry for the items I keep posting that aren’t available anymore.  Some are old hunt things, some are from stores that have closed, and others were from events that were limited edition.  I hope you’re able to find things that compare, and maybe even are better.)

lettersHair: little bones. Water Me (@ -N-Twenty1.-)

Flower: /artilleri/ Hibi Hair Flower (Red)

Necklaces: .Pekka. Ring Collar – Silver, MG – Necklace – Anukka Beads and Ethiopian Cross (Silver Tubes)

Dress: Trouble and Co. – Peek-a-boo Dress – Starbert

Nail Polish: <Squish> Notical Nails – Skull and Bones Hunt (Starts August 1st!! )

Bracelets: SIGMA Jewels / ZP5 (N/A), [EY:NO] Mess Bangles (Silver) (N/A), .:Hermony:. -Wristlocker

Socks: Chary. – Knee Highs – White

Shoes: *REIGN.– Petal Hoppers – Red for Slink Flat Feets


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