Doctor Who?!

K so, after thinking about it, and thinking about it, and thinking about it some more, and debating whether or not to just scrap this whole blog and start over elsewhere…..I think I’m just going to revamp here.  New pictures that will probably keep evolving, new way of doing it just to be more helpful, like links and stuff, and just NEW.  And I’m going to like doing it, because I lost that spark before and haven’t done anything for too long because I started feeling like I was doing what everyone else does and being very unoriginal.  I forgot why I do this.  Its not about popularity, at all, for me, or free stuff because I’m not that kind of blogger.  I do it to share my inventory that is a little out of hand and to help me keep track of what I actually own that I like, haha.  So here we go!  New year and a new start.  It’s good!

So without anymore ado, my good friend Asheranna makes really frikkin adorable stuff that no one pays much attention to, BUT YOU SHOULD!  She just came out with this hud controlled Doctor Who shirt that I had to just, play with, because I love the Doctor and I want to be his 3rd wife.  I’m just sayin’. 😀  Here it is!  Go get it!


From top to bottom:

Hair: Magika – Sweet

Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses (possibly no longer available as I couldn’t locate the store)

Headband: Noodles – Mad Man’s Headband

Necklace1: Illusions *~*Cord Wraps

Necklace2: Noodles – Mad Man’s Box Necklace

Shirt: .:: McButtkinz ::. Dr. Who Tees w/ Undershirt (available for boys AND girls)

Skirt: [NV] Xing Skirt- Jeans Black

BraceletR: .:Hermony:. – Wristlocker

BraceletL: [Mandala] Unisex Okaki Bracelets

Sonic Screwdriver (because I HAD to): Novatech – Sonic Screwdrivers v2.0, Tennant

Bandaids: -SU!- Bloody Knees 01

Socks: ** Garter Nylons Torn Black

Shoes: [JP]:dsg. – Highpads / black




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