A couple more new things, just because I’m sitting here needing something to do.  NV has these cute tops out, and the boots….ohhhh the boots….mesh combat boots for $99L on the marketplace with a texture hud….I couldn’t resist.

Hair: [Burley] Ana (bottom) + Babs (top)_Platinums

Undershirt you can’t see: -SU!- Basic Top White

Top: [NV] Loose Shirt – Silver Cross (NEW)

Bracelets: HoD – Prayer of Forgiveness, SIGMA Layered Bangles, *BLITZED* Legacy

Rings: (RED)MINT~ Gift 08’11, [Mandala] Milky Way Ring/gaga black

Belt: RONSEM* Military Belt*

Pants: RONSEM* Cropped Denim Jeans

Socks: RONSEM* Double Socks/Black

Boots: .:EC:. ABL Army Boots [Basic]




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