Novocaine Lips

I……am a terrible blogger.  This I know.  I’ve actually been taking pictures and editing and putting together outfits and shiz…..and then not posting them, lol.  So I have them, just not here.  I promise I will get them here!

To start….I put this together today, and I REALLY like it a lot…. ❤ purple oh so much.

Hair: .ploom. Misha – Blondes

Collar: [Plastik]-RecluseCollar-Black-Bare Rela

Corset: 1 Hundred. Madame Corset. Violet

Gloves: [Plastik]-LipstickMuse-Black

Skirt: *!t :: Special Jerk Black

Leggings: [Schock Designs] Dangerous Girl (full outfit, stockings only)

Stockings: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings – Black

Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic – Black

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand musics:



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