I <3 Hair

I really do, especially new hair, and stores that regularly put out new hair, which I have just bought more of.  So no song link this time around which really is ok even though music is like, #3, on the list of things I live for every day.  Lamb has released new, and so has Magika, and a couple other stores, but these 3 are Lamb and Magika hairs.  All are mesh (YAY!) All are super cute (MORE YAY!) and the Lamb ones also have 2 other styles available like them but the ponytail is in the back…I happened to like the side ones so those are what I grabbed.

Also, I snagged another mesh top from x style, because I love them and I still want them all.  Just sayin 🙂

From left to right:

Hair: !lamb. Little Queenie ~ Ombre and Root Pack, !lamb. Little Star ~ Refreshed Blondes Pack, Magika [01] Flourish

Shirt: [SX] (Mesh) Tube Top ~ Black/Red~


Aaaaand we’ll go with that, lol…simply because I haven’t changed my outfit much the last couple days (lazy me) and its all been jotted down before.  🙂






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