Radio Friendly Song

Woo!  New post!  With some sorta new stuff and really new stuff and older stuff….its a lotta stuff, but its cute!  Like the hair, for example….probably one of my favorites I’ve gotten for a while.  I saw it blogged somewhere else and had to have it, because I used to do my hair like this in rl, good times…..and the weaves are color change, which makes it even better!  Also, I was in a pink mood today, which is really not common.  And the tuuuuune, HA, the tune….you’ll like it.  *sings along*

Hair: Analog Dog/Point B (.b) – Check Mate – Light Blondes (NEW!!)

Ears: +Rozoregalia+ *Gemma* Earing4+Ear/A:L, C:R

Earbuds/iPod: ~Pepper~ i-pepper

Top: ::::Sn@tch Butch Tanks (Sheer) :::: Pink

Bracelets: .:: Delisions ::. Bloodlust Bangles (Black/r), *Blitzed* Legacy Bracelet

Pants: RONSEM* Cargo 11/Black

Anklet: +Rozoregalia+ *NorNir*Anklet

Shoes: Maitreya gold * Flip-Flops Eclipse

…and the tune…..HA! *sings along some more*


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