The many faces of me!

I do have several avi’s in SL, but I’ve never gotten them all together in one pic and figured I was bored, so I might as well.

All were created for different reasons, and oddly enough, even my boys represent some hidden part of me in the way I play them.  I don’t know why it is but somehow I log them in and it feels natural.  Wierd, I know, but I like em….even when I really do just log Bryton in to stare at him…hard…rawrs!

From left to right: Paramore, the opinionated superbitch sexpot with a sweet side, Bryton, the cocky happy-go-lucky beefcake on a stick that I wouldn’t kick out of my bed unless it was to bang him on the floor, Jayson, the shy emo possibly gay boy that’s just cute, and Lyric, the shy cutie with a lot of secrets even if she’s open to a few.

Yeah I dunno how it all works out, but they’re all me, and I love em.

*stares at Bry some more!* :Q___


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