Bidibodi Bidibu

…cuz it’s fun to say, that’s why!  LOTS of things going on at Onyx this week.  I know I do a lot of blogging for this store lately but I can’t help it, I’m addicted, and excited about some of the projects he’s got going.

First off..EYES.  These are really cool and I wish I was more awesome and could show you better.  These are MESH, and animated, meaning that they can dilate randomly, and come with a really easy to use hud that controls all that action.  Seriously, these eyes have tons of options….at least 3 different shades in each hud, and 5 pupil options per color including the animated option.  And you can mix the huds….when I played with them I had 1 green eye that was dilating and 1 pink one that was not.  Good times.  THESE ARE NOT IN STORE YET, but I can’t wait til they are.  I gotta have them all, like pokemons!

Also in progress, a lace version of his “XTORT” Dresses.  It’s pretty hot, and I got an early version, hehehe!

Hair: CaTwA – Lamar – Black/White

Necklace: ..::DeliciouS::.. Fallen Breath_Black

Dress: :OW: “XTORT” Dress Lace Dark

Leggings: >>ROOTS<<00L10006

Boots: [e] Secret Boots – Black

And just to round it all off, even though it’s really early and I dunno if I should be blogging it yet but am going to anyway, lolol, cuz I CAN!  He’s got a Valentine’s Day set coming out, everything in my pic is included, and they’re CUUUUTE!  And it was decided that blue panties would be a really awesome surprise for some dude to discover under all my black clothes, and these really are just, awesome.  Yay awesome.  And, ignore my nipple tape…I wore it for modesty purposes, I don’t really know why, but, yeah…there it is.

WOO!!!  And that is the end, for today.


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