idk what to title this post….

…so I won’t I guess. 🙂  I have a friend, he’s a good friend, named Frank, who’s the creator of Onyx Wear.  I like him a little bit.  Especially when he sends me new clothes just to ask my opinion!  THESE ARE NOT IN THE STORE YET!  Just keep that in mind, he’s still working on them but I told him I would post about them anyway, because personally, I’m a fan, HA!  Yeah anyway, here’s a pic for you…I will post again later when he decides to actually put them up in the store so you can all get them, too!  WOO!

Hair: Magika [01] TwentyFour

Goggles: >T< Hacker Goggles

Collar: ..::Delicious::.. Ribbon Collar_v2

Harness 1: >T< Shoulder Rig

Harness 2: Kyoot – Addicted to Dopamine Harness (black)

Shirt: -SU!- Basic Top White

Gloves: SiniStyle Taped Fist (full palm-forearm gap)

Belts: *Blitzed* Legacy Belt

<The Abyss> NAU Combat Belt

Bracelet: *Blitzed* Legacy Bracelet

Boots: drd bootslazybuckblack

Leggings:  :OW: Leggings (from left to right ~ leopard, black, and zebra)


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