Why Trolls? WHY?!

Yeah…it’s a troll.  I want to eat him.  I might, after I rant for a second.

I do not for the life of me understand the mind of a troll, anywhere.  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Secondlife, REAL life, wherever.  I don’t get why it is necessary to piss people off all the time by being an asshole for entertainment.  *sings* “Why you bein’ a dick head for?  Stop bein’ a dick head.”

Again, this started on Facebook.  I play WoW, and I love it.  It brings me joy on really bad days when I am tense to the point that I just need to beat the living shit out of something, and gives me a safe place to relieve that tension.  I’ve played other mmorpg’s, and they’re fun, but the game play sucked, the people sucked worse, and I was limited in just how hard I could shove my Bloody Spiked Epic Warhammer of Doom and Mass Destruction up someone’s ass.  I didn’t enjoy them, thus WoW has been and will probably always be my mmorpg of choice.

I also love the little commercials from movie or music stars, talking about what they play in game and their powers and shiz.  I think they’re funny.  So I posted a couple, one with Ozzie, and the other with none other than Chuck Norris, ninja hunter power kicking the piss out of the World of Warcraft.  I thought it was pretty entertaining myself, and stated so.  And ended up with 2 notes underneath that basically said that WoW is coming to an end and having Mr. Norris do a commercial for them was a desperate attempt at keeping it afloat.

Really, boys and girls?  That is so far beyond the point of why I posted the video.  It was funny.  It was Chuck.  The end.  No reason to start a pissing match on my Facebook page.  I don’t care if you like other games better, I really don’t.  Go play your games, have fun.  It really doesn’t matter to me.  But being a douche over such a little thing does matter to me.  I don’t post the stuff I do to piss people off, or insult anyone.  I don’t get on anyone else’s pages and start shit.  Don’t do it to mine.

‘Scuze me now, whilst I strap on my Bloody Spiked Epic Warhammer of Doom and Mass Destruction and go slaughter a couple demons in Outland.  Hopefully I’ll get some purple items this time.  PEACE!


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